Practical Autism Solutions

at Aspie friendly, we know that kids with autism grow to be adults with autism. We know this because Aspie Friendly was founded by an adult with autism. We believe people with autism can live independently and solve the world's big problems, with the right kind of help.


A Friendlier Place for the Autism Spectrum

From public speaking to private consulting, AspieFriendly can help you reach your autism-related goals.

The AspieFriendly Radio Show on BlogTalkRadio explores issues related to autism throughout the lifespan. Call in live or listen to archived shows.

Books by Lorin Neikirk are available to purchase on Specialized Learning Books help teachers manage inclusion classrooms.

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Internet Radio Show

Taking a practical approach, AspieFriendly offers results-oriented solutions that are rooted in what Lorin Neikirk calls Aspie Logic™.

Practical Autism Solutions

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